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Have Failing
Dental Implants?

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You Need an Expert

If you’ve completed dental implant treatment and have swelling, pain or infection around your implants, you need care from an expert like our dentist in Radcliff, KY. While dental implants are considered the preferred option for replacing teeth today, you can still experience failing dental implants. One of the biggest contributors to implant failure is under-engineering. If too few implants were placed or inserted in the wrong location or angle to support a prosthesis or your bite wasn’t properly adjusted, this will cause an unequal distribution of pressure.

Any excessive force on an implant can result in prosthetic fracture, bone loss, infection and eventual failure of the implant(s). You’ll need the expertise of a trained dental professional to assess your situation and remove the implant, if necessary. An implant expert like our dentist will also have the level of skill and necessary technology to replace your dental implant—and do it right. If you’re noticing signs of ailing or failing dental implants in Radcliff, KY, don’t wait to get treatment from our team!

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Causes of Dental Implant Complications

  • Excessive stress on implant(s)
  • Improper angle and location
  • Unadjusted or misaligned bite
  • Chronic teeth grinding
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Dental trauma
  • Systemic disease
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A Solution for Failing Dental Implants

The most common solution for failing dental implants is a total replacement of the implant itself. We will determine this after an evaluation and X-rays. But in most cases where the implant hasn’t responded to either nonsurgical or surgical intervention (peri-implantitis treatment and bone grafts), this is the best option for your health and function.

In general, there are two techniques for removing a failing dental implant from your bone. One is to cut a small portion of bone, sometimes with a piezo-electric device, around the implant edge so it can easily be removed. Another technique is to “reverse torque” the implant out of the bone. In all instances, our goal is to preserve as much of your natural bone as possible for more predictable and lasting implant success in the future.

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Dr. Greenwell On Why Does Having An Experienced Dentist Matter So Much??

Expert Care after Dental Implant Failure

A failed dental implant doesn’t disqualify you from being a candidate for one in the future. It simply means it’s critical that you receive treatment from a qualified clinician with the skill to do it correctly. Our dentist has the highest level of education and training, including dental implants. We also use state-of-the-art technology and materials scientifically proven to withstand the forces of biting and chewing.

Our dentist uses the latest technology to remove virtually all room for error, with exact and consistent results. Working closely with your restorative dentist, we can deliver personalized treatment and a new smile that provides long-term function and aesthetics. You can have a smile that lasts—and it begins with the expertise of our dental team in Radcliff, KY!